Group Walks - Neighborhood Explorers

À la carte

20$ + Taxes 

sans engagement

10 Walks

19$ + Taxes 


20 Walks

17$ + Taxes


The perfect opportunity to explore, learn and socialize! A healthy and fun environment where your dog can make friends in their neighborhood.

The price for a walk for the second dog from the same house is $ 10

If your dog is 7 moths or less:
Puppy visits - Junior Explorer

Discovering the basics

À la carte

18$ + Taxes

No engagement

10 Visits

17$ + Taxes


20 Visits

15$ + Taxes


Wiggle is here to help you; by giving you the tools your dog needs to face any challenges that life in the city can bring!  

We want to allow your puppy to develop in a way for them to become a Fearless Explorers and unlock a life full of adventures and friends that they deserve!


 Often what keeps dogs from living a happy city life is fear! This lack of socializing is our biggest enemy. By visiting your puppy, we slowly prepare them to walk with other dogs, in a happy ready to explore matter!


This service is offered for puppies from 2 to 7 months old.

One visit = 30 minutes

If your dog has a hard time with other dogs or humans:
Private Walks - Future Fearless Explorer

Going back to basics

À la carte


No engagement

During the private walks with your future explorer, the goal is to help them overcome their difficulties and eventually integrate them with their neighborhood friends. Whether your dog is afraid of moving objects, humans or other dogs, we work on these elements during the walk.

We want to create a pleasant environment and help them have a good fear-free life during his walks. Working with a trainer may be require, ask us about our recommend positive reinforcement trainers.



Tél : 514-809-6562

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