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Smiling dogs walking

What is our philosophy?

  • Wiggle believes in allowing dogs to explore, smell, play, learn and mostly make friends. Therefore, we work with positive reinforcement.

Why was Wiggle created?

  • Wiggle was created to help owners navigate the difficulty of owning a dog. Helping dogs make friends and unite the dog community with dog owners.

What happens after I contact wiggle?

  • Together we will book a meeting, free of charge, with one of our senior walkers to answer your questions and to explain how wiggle can help you.

Who founded Wiggle?

  • Lord Mia Galvan, Queen of Wiggle. Ruler of Cuddles and Cookies! Duchesse from the SPCA.

How do we integrate dogs into the Neighborhood Explorers group? 

  • We start with a private walks to get to know each other. Wiggle and your future Explorer. This allows us to determine which group will be better suited for your little one.

  • A walker and your dog will shadow the group of explorers to slowly integrated them.

  • If needed, a walker will shadow the group (with your dog in it) just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Happy smiling dogs walking

My dog loves dogs, but hates people, can he come on walks?

  • It's impossible to know without meeting the dog. We have a few dogs who happen to be shy. Some private walks may be required to allow the dog to warm up to the walker. If Wiggle cannot help, we will recommend someone who can.

What is Wiggles biggest downside? 

  •  We require flexibility, our priority is to make sure your dog enjoys his walks with his friends. We are also working with dogs, they have many qualities, but punctuality is not one of them (except for dinner time - they know! ). For this reason, all Neighbourhood Explorer walks are done between 10 am and 2 pm.

Happy dogs walking
Happy dog walking with hat

How do I communicate with Wiggle?

  • Wiggles main method of communication is Instagram. This is where you can book and get updates after each walk. If you don’t have Instagram, we can use other methodes of communication such as text Messages.

My dog is reactive to dogs and does not like dogs, can he join the explorer group?

  • It is impossible to know without meeting the dog. Contact us for a free meeting. If wiggle can’t help, we will recommend someone who can. Please keep in mind not everyone can join the explorer group, but we believe most can!

Dog walker walking group of dogs

Does Wiggle work under all weather conditions?

  • Adventures in all weather, snow, rain or shine! (Under extreme temperatures the walk duration will be reduce)​

Wiggle will closes for major holidays. can Private walks be arranged upon availability?

  • Yes we can arrange private walks upon availability.

  • Closed for Easter, Saint John the Baptist, Canada day and Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

What books do you recommend?

  • Culture clash by  Jean Donaldson

  • Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy by Zazie Todd 

What Instagram accounts should I follow?

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